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Growing Tips

Check Back Regularly for Growing Tips from Our Very Own Agronomist Marco

"For garden plants you can spray every week once at 40ml to a gallon of water.

I do my garden spraying every 3 to 5 days once.  I water the plants first then spray HGDF on the leaves and on the soil.

On potted plants , I flood the pots with water and then spray HGDF on the leaves and stems and then spray onto the flooded area in the pot.

I have seen the leaves of my curry leaves grow 2 to 3 times larger and more fragrant than normal.
Also for a young avocado plant that I grew from the seed , using this method also produced larger leaves and the plant is growing at an accelerated rate."

Curry & Avocado PlantsAvocado Leaf Image

Question: When do I spray my strawberries and lemon tree with your B (Bloom) Formula?
Answer: Once your plants start flowering you can spray the B formula every week once.
- Since Agripower when applied is in liquid form, it acts in 3 ways, first as a foliar fertiliser which is absorbed via the leaves and stems and 2nd as a soil fertilizer that provides conducive environment for increased growth of beneficial soil bacteria that aids in Biological Nitrogen Fixation and 3rd the fertilizer is taken up by the roots more easily as they are already in liquid form.
- Our fertilizer does correct the soil and pH but it also depends on the severity of the soil, if it is either too acidic or too alkaline then obviously need to supplement with lime or wood ash to raise the pH or sulphur or aluminium sulphate to lower the pH.
- Agronomy wise, there should not be much of a difference but over the years with the use of harmful chemical inputs like fertilizers and pesticides in hilly areas and lower altitude areas would have have the residues accumulate more in the lower altitude areas due to rain and runoff to these lower altitude areas and this can affect the yield in the long run. So technically due to this factor, hilly areas might have slightly higher yields.
- Yes by using Agripower, you can expect better quality yields including better taste.

Checking Potatoes Early
- It is difficult to say at this point if the potatoes will be ready 20 days in advance but it should be ready to harvest earlier than normal. Since this is our first trial we will know how Agripower HGDF will perform and how the soil in particular will respond to Agripower HGDF.  Information obtained from a previous crop trail with a client, please check your potatoes earlier than normal when using AgriPower.
- Soil is definitely the most important factor especially when using Agripower HGDF or any other natural or organic-based inputs for the first time to soils that have been heavily saturated with residues of chemical fertilizers. Once we have started using Agripower HGDF and at least after 2 growth cycles, it would then stabilise the soil and would have increased the beneficial soil micro organisms and with this increased microbial activity, the harvest date will be significantly advanced.
- As for the B formula application, it is to be used after flowering as the next stage would be the fruiting for which high potassium (K) is necessary and high N (Nitrogen) is not required once the fruiting starts. 

Question: Hi Marco, i was reading about sea minerals being very good for the soil as they contain every possible mineral required what is your opinion on the subject.
Answer: Yes sea minerals are good and it's a matter of availability and cost as the process of procuring these minerals from the sea can be tedious and costly. On the other hand seaweed has a lot of minerals and it is from the sea and we have seaweed extract in Agripower HGDF.

Question: Hey Marco what's the best way for the B formula to be applied to the plants for best results foliar spray or normal watering can, etc.
Answer: Foliar spray and spraying on the soil. So I would say using a normal watering can achieve this purpose. Watering can with smaller holes would be best as it's close to foliar spray and you also get more on the soil.
Question: Is this 100 percent bioavailability to plants? Do you know? Or is it chelated?
Answer: Agripower has OTM’s (Organic Trace Minerals) as opposed to many synthetic fertilisers that have ITM’s (Inorganic Trace Minerals). This means Agripower has chelated trace minerals using natural chelate compounds or ligands. Essentially when the selected natural ligands are combined with micronutrients, it forms chelated fertilizers. Soil being heterogeneous and complex, most traditional micronutrients are readily precipitated  or oxidized. Chelation keeps a micronutrient from undesirable reactions in solution and soil. The chelated fertilizer improves the bioavailability of micronutrients such as Fe, Cu, Mn, and Zn, and in turn contributes to the productivity and profitability of commercial crop production.